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Fresh Fruit & Veg for Families

WELLfed worked hard to ensure our Learners had access to fresh produce during COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.

Produce was delivered to WELLfed families during lockdown from two sources, our very own Hampshire Gardens and the Porirua Fruit & Vege Co-op. It was delivered contactlessly by our awesome volunteers.

Fruit and Vege Bags

Each Tuesday during Level 2 & 3 WELLfed Learners received a weekly $12 pack of fresh fruit and vegetables, assembled by Porirua Fruit & Vege Co-op and delivered by our awesome volunteers. We are so grateful to those who donated to enable this. This continued for 8 weeks.

Since the12th of May 50 packs were delivered weekly into homes across Porirua, equating to 325 kg of fresh fruit and veg weekly!


WELLfed's contactless drop-off total for 8 weeks:

  • 400+ lush produce packs

  • 2,660 kg fresh fruit & veg

  • 16,600+ servings of fresh fruit & veg

  • 1,800 recipe sheets matched to the produce 

"It was wonderful getting the fruit and veggies dropped off through lockdown - as it reduced my shopping bill.  The fruit was so helpful as my son loved it.   I used the veggies in my stew"  - WELLfed Learner

You can enable WELLfed to 'nourish communities through food and connections'.

  • $12 to purchase this generous fruit & veg pack for a family

  • $96 to get a family a pack like this every week for 8 weeks

  • OR donate towards a full week of produce - only $600 for 50 families!

Produce from Hampshire Gardens - in partnership with For The Better Good

Garden Manager, Jess Barnes was hard at work during lockdown looking after the garden and harvesting produce, as these were registered as an essential service.


Deliveries were made which included:

  • 5 kgs carrots

  • 8 kgs mixed greens

  • 14 pumpkins

  • 14 (late!) tomatoes

  • 14 bundles of rosemary

  • 3 kg basil

  • 14 celery

  • 7 super baby melons

  • 10 rock melons

You can hear more from Jess here
about her work in the gardens on RNZ.

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