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Give to WELLfed

Every donation ensures the future of the WELLfed programme.

WELLfed has been delivering free, hands-on classes in communities that need it most since 2016.   This award-winning adult-education programme is based around food and cooking skills, supporting individuals with skills, confidence & equipment.

WELLfed is a registered charity with approved donee status, so 33.33% of every donation of more than $5 can be claimed back as donation tax credits. More information can be found on the IRD website.

One-off or regular financial contributions
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Volunteering your time as mahi aroha
  • Run a fundraising event

  • Support background tasks
    e.g. recipe testing, equipment

  • Micro-volunteer corporate skills on projects e.g. comms, IT

  • Give time Regularly at classese.g. with kids, clean up, transport

Useful Stuff
Tangible items that WELLfed needs

Here's our current list of what is most useful & how to get it to us: 

Spreading the word about WELLfed
  • sharing and talking about WELLfed with friends, whānau and colleagues

  • connect us to others with shared values 

  • liking & sharing our social media pages & posts 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
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