WELLfed Governance - Advisory Committees

The Board of the WELLfed NZ Trust is supported by a further group of talented volunteers with wide-ranging expertise.

Learner Advisory Group

Our 'Learner Advisory Group' brings together our Leaders that have been through the WELLfed, who continue to volunteer their time to co-design, refine & grow all aspects of the programme.  WELLfed would not exist without them.

Technical Advisory Group

Our' Technical Advisory Group' include experts in fields including finance, law, business, social work, HR, public health, education, social enterprise and more!

Rachel Brunel 

Process Architect
Rachel has been a part of WELLfed since the very beginning, and has documented the WELLfed processes as a 'repeatable model' which we use to keep our programme consistent and scalable.  Her unique architectural thinking and process structure designs tied closely to her belief that process must be made easier, better and more affordable to small and medium businesses has developed the Bedrock System.  She’s passionately energetic and enjoys a vibrant balance of all things life. Rachel is the Founder of BEDROCK

Wendy Lindsay

Wendy is a mother of 3, community volunteer and partner at Hayman Lawyers.
She works in a variety of legal areas including advising businesses and not for profits. 
Wendy is passionate about supporting initiatives that build communities and is delighted to be able to apply her skills to assist WELLfed at no cost.

Prisca MacDonald 

Teacher (senior leadership/Deputy Principal) passionate about well-being, learning and ‘kotahitanga’ - team/unity/ community.  Prisca has been teaching in NZ and the UK since 1999. Mother of two, Prisca’s current professional role is focused on supporting students and their families to engage with learning and in enhancing their well-being. She coordinates with a range of agencies and specialist, and oversees school curriculum development and teacher practice..

Oonagh Counsell

Oonagh has a strong passion for health & wellness in our community. With experience as a primary health clinician in General Practise she was drawn to WELLfed's kaupapa and mahi. She has gone on to study in Public Health with a focus area in community connections.  For many years, Oonagh has been a regular volunteer at WELLfed classes seeing the difference it makes first-hand and now supports the team with her population health expertise.


Ilze Walton 
Under construction.... 


Dr. Sean Fenandaz

Under construction....


Leight Taggart 
Finance & Funding
Leight is a whizz with numbers - comfortable both as Financial Controller/CFO and all across Strategic Funding.  Leight has a strong social conscience shown by her long-term commitment to volunteering in many different organisations.  WELLfed is special to Leigh because ..... 

Petrina Turner-Benny RN

Petrina has more than 25 years experience working in health, education, management and governance.  After graduating as a registered nurse Petrina spent more than a decade running national associations such as NZ Aged Care Association, Retirement Villages Association and Dietitians New Zealand.  Petrina is skilled at working with Nonprofit Organisations, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Entrepreneurship. She has extensive knowledge around supporting small businesses to meet their strategic imperatives and improve their financial resources.  As a wife and mother with a background in nutrition, Petrina understands how hard it can be to provide balanced, affordable meals while juggling a busy working life. A keen cook and gardener, Petrina brings considerable passion to the WELLfed team.

Graeme Benny Ph.D, Clinical Biochemistry

Graeme brings a wealth of governance experience at CEO, COO and Board levels, having led major public and private sector companies including the New Zealand Blood Service, MetlifeCare Ltd and Careers New Zealand. Currently Chairman of the Board of Ako Aotearoa, Graeme is also a board member of the Accreditation Council of New Zealand and the Home Healthcare Association. He is  currently Chief Operating Officer for LeeCare Solutions Pty a Melbourne based health IT company. Graeme’s expertise in the healthcare industry, board governance and in working with Government agencies provides strong support for the good governance of WELLfed.

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