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Opening Hampshire HQ

On Friday 22 March we officially opened WELLfed HQ in Hampshire Street.

Take a look at the building where multiple classes are now operating each week, along with a regular parenting course.

Taking on the lease for the building and grounds is a huge step in the WELLfed journey and we celebrated in style with over 300 people joining the party.

“It was a privilege to be there, what an amazing blessing to these women, men and their families to learn to be ‘WELLfed’. There were many moments of happy tears, especially watching the amazing learners take pride in their building and their connection to the project and speak and shine so beautifully.

The singing by the kids was powerful after a week of sadness seeing strength and oneness arise from sorrow. Thank you Kim and Becs for your massive input into our fabulous community.”


Shannon Keys

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