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Key50 Members are individuals & businesses, including:

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Our Key50 - VIP supporters

WELLfed operates thanks to dedicated volunteers and financial supporters.

Why do we need a Key50?
We need to get a key 50 people connected into WELLfed to make it sustainable for the long term, to cover crucial operating costs and to strengthen our supporter base.

What does being one of the Key50 entail?
This is a low-cost and low-maintenance donation on a regular basis.   It is as simple as each Key50 member donating NZ$20 a week for 52 weeks.  These donations will ensure WELLfed is secure and poised for future growth.

After five years WELLfed has a track record of success and strong community recognition but needs security that running costs can be covered for the years ahead.

Your investment of $1,040 NZD per annum gives WELLfed this security.  You can pay in one lump sum or weekly installments of $20 NZD.   WELLfed has donee status, so you can claim a third of your donation back at the end of the tax year.

What does Key50 membership provide?
As one of our Key50, you will be the first to receive invitations to all WELLfed events.  We will keep you in the loop on all WELLfed news, updates, growth figures and media exposure.  Our Key50 are our most generous, committed supporters. The Key50 have the power to unlock the future of WELLfed.  You will be given high profile exposure on the WELLfed website and a WELLfed supporter pack with images and our logo, should you wish to showcase your support.

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