Our Latest WELLfed Learner Story

In July 2019 friends Crystal and Courtney both started at WELLfed. 

“Courtney forced me to come as I wasn’t that keen,” said Crystal.  “For us it started as a social thing, as we were both stay-at home-mums. However, we quickly attached ourselves to WELLfed – we blended into the family environment!   I love Wednesdays! It’s a day off cooking at home as we come to WELLfed and have fun and learn to cook new meals.


Coming to WELLfed has been like taking little steps towards our future. I feel open to new things. WELLfed has helped me build my confidence especially after a health scare, as I was limited in what I could do for a long time. I am now heading back to study to finish my level 3 Admin and Business papers – I’ve been wanting to complete these papers for many years and I’m now ready to do this.


It's all the lovely stuff that happens at WELLfed that has lifted my confidence.  We both really appreciate the opportunity to join WELLfed!


Courtney is also heading off to study and she plans to become a midwife:
“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time.”  “Once I am qualified I would love to come back and work with my community as I feel there is a real shortage for midwives in the Maori and Pacific community. 


An extra bonus for me was having Karen and Barbara volunteering to look after my kids while I cooked in the kitchen - they are such amazing ladies!

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