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Our Latest WELLfed Learner Story
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I started at WELLfed last year. I thought I didn’t need cooking lessons … boy was I wrong!  WELLfed taught me so much more than I knew - including how to add different flavours to meals. I even learnt how to cut onions properly.

It didn't stop there - WELLfed helped me update my out-of-date CV and write a cover letter for employment. I completed a first aid course too. I’ve lived on the benefit for 15 years. But now my youngest is finally at school and I am proud to say I am ready to work in the real world.


A few weeks ago - thanks to WELLfed - I sat my full driver’s license and passed. The same day I was offered a job! Exciting times.  The best thing about WELLfed is the amazing staff who I have come to LOVE. Always helping their students to achieve the best they can and more.

I will cherish WELLfed and everything they have done for me as they helped me in ways I couldn't imagine.

I can see a brighter future for me and my Whanau.

Thank you WELLfed. Nga mihi - Rae        July 2022

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