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A table with a story!

Upstairs at WELLfed stands a powerful and practical piece of art, gifted to us by local artist Kath Foster.

The arrival of ‘Reproportioned Table #14’ required many hands and some tricky manoeuvres! The table now lives next to the WELLfed teaching kitchen, where it enables our community to share kai, kōrero and connection together after class. After cooking and learning together learners, tutors, children and volunteers gather around the table together to enjoy some of the kai that has been prepared.

This piece was crafted by Kath Foster, as part of a series of artworks called Reproportioned Tables. Kath takes a table that would be considered very colonial furniture, and transforms it to be half as wide and twice as long as it was before.

Kath says:

“Changing the shape of the table allows a shift in function: from nuclear-family activities to other modes of social participation, the hope being that the new proportions will make place for new ways. The works are lent to spaces where these interactions might enrich the community.

Every part of the old table is used in the new, and all the marks of wear from decades of use are carefully carried over. Under transformation, each becomes a dissent: an open question gathering traction about what we should do now, where 'we' includes more voices than the ones usually heard, both the voices of the artists who make the table and the people seated around it. When this kōrero becomes art, then the work has succeeded.”

WELLfed feels very honoured to be the kaitiaki guardian of Reproportioned Table #14. She sits proudly in the heart of our space, for all to gather around and use. Thank you, Kath.

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