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Adding more tools into our kete - thanks to Pelorus Trust

Recently WELLfed staff and volunteers participated in a Situational Safety training session run by OPSEC Solutions, with funding gratefully received from Pelorus Trust.

Even though we hope that situations in which we would need to use some of the skills never arise, it was an extremely enlightening morning that will benefit everyone at WELLfed as we move into our fifth year.

Conflict and stress can be a part of any community and as we operate as a “community hub” type environment where everyone is welcome, at times those conflicts can come into WELLfed.

As a responsible employer and volunteer organisation, holding this course was a way of empowering our staff and volunteers with skills to identify risks and potential threats early along with positive ways to respond is one of the many steps we can take to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Awesomely, as acknowledged by Jack and J.C. from OPSEC, the culture of respect, dignity and open communication that WELLfed is built around is already working as our strongest advantage. WELLfed is a sacred space of learning, connection and empowerment that is respected by our community, and we work hard every day to ensure that remains to benefit everyone involved.

Thank you so much to OPSEC for giving us the understanding and framework to build our skills and reduce the chance of harm coming to anyone at WELLfed.

Thank you also to Pelorus Trust who agreed by funding this training that the safety of our people is absolutely vital.

And to our staff and volunteers who attended, thank you so much for your participation and engagement. 2021 here we come!

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