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Ways to support WELLfed

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WELLfed can only operate thanks to our dedicated volunteers and financial supporters.

  • ​Connect us with other groups 

  • Give time - volunteer for one-off events or regularly

  • Give money - to support the work of WELLfed 

  • Give good-quality kitchen equipment or pantry items

We are so thankful to the following supporters
& charity partners for their financial and in-kind support:

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  • Regularly at classes e.g. with kids, clean up, with transport

  • Support background tasks e.g. recipe testing, equipment

  • Micro-volunteer corporate skills on projects e.g. comms, infrastructure, IT

  • Run a fundraising event



A small amount of money can make a BIG difference:
$10 per meal
$80 term for 1 Learner
$320 for 1 Learner's 3 terms

$1,000 covers a whole term for ingredients for 10+ students





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