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"I used to hide myself at home,
now I'm coming out more. 

I thought I was the only one
in my situation."

WELLfed has been co-designed with the local community, to make the classes accessible and to ensure that the recipes and classes make a real difference.

The very first WELLfed course started in August 2016 at Holy Family School in Cannons Creek, after a lot of planning and engaging with local individuals and organisations.  


WELLfed recipes have been approved by a Dietitian and are based around seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. To date, the cost of running WELLfed has been covered by grant funding and generous support from community groups.

WELLfed has a fantastic group of amazing volunteers who have donated thousands of hours to establish and operate this program.

In October 2017 a second daytime WELLfed class started at Corinna School in Waitangirua, followed by evening classes hosted by Pacific Health Services Porirua in November 2017.  In early 2019 WELLfed moved to the old bowling club in Cannons Creek where we have our own space with a teaching kitchen, food rescue & equipment storage and an area for children of participants to be looked after.  The former bowling green outside has been transformed into a garden.

After SIX years of WELLfed...

  • 900+ unique Learners now have skills, confidence & equipment

  • 10,700+ free meals have been taught, cooked, and taken home to share

  • 66,000 people have been fed with meals made by the community for their families

  • 25,000 ​kg of food has been rescued from landfill

  • 8,300 items of kitchen equipment have been given out

WELLfed now has classes running every day of the week during term time!

How you can be part of WELLfed

There is a lot of interest in WELLfed classes and we intend to launch at more locations in the future.  
If you’d like more information about WELLfed or to help support this initiative please email us at

How WELLfed started

It all started with one Porirua person wanting to learn to cook muffins.

WELLfed began in 2016 with two locals, Kim & Rebecca, connecting with and listening to the stories of parents in the Porirua East community

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