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WELLfed works

We've had amazing feedback on WELLfed from various sources in the community - including leaders within schools, primary healthcare, social workers and other agencies.  But - most importantly - it is WELLfed Learners themselves who are the keys to unlocking change within their own lives and what they have to say is the most compelling. 

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Some WELLfed Learners have said:

"It’s amazing how a small cooking class has changed my life.  I have learned to cook, and budget and I feel encouraged."


"WELLfed was better than I thought. I thought I’d just come along once, because I’m quite shy, but I felt comfortable and welcome. I’ve learned new things. I’ve definitely gotten better at cooking."


"We used to get takeaways Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. Now just once a week or less.”


"I never made homemade lunches before and didn’t buy fruit and vegetables at the market - now I do both of these."


"I have 8 children and my spending has gone down from $500 per week to around $300 per week. Also we’re eating healthier food and more vegetables.  I have received some kitchen utensils and measuring equipment and connections for help with setting up a vegetable garden that I didn’t have before."


"Now I’m making Anzac biscuits and muffins instead of buying biscuits and snacks for my family. I can give baking as a gift.  I appreciate Becs and Kim sharing their experience and giving us ideas."

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