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What is WELLfed?
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WELLfed is a FREE adult education cooking classes - based around cooking skills and more.   

Participants learn how to plan, shop, safely prepare and cook low-cost healthy meals, with a strong focus on seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables.

WELLfed has been co-designed with the local community, to make the classes accessible and to ensure that the recipes and classes make a real difference.

Our programme delivers a series of interactive cooking classes, held weekly in the communities that need it most.


The first WELLfed programme started in May 2016 with a small group to pilot the concept and refine the initiative & logistics.  Five years later and still going strong - watch our 'Taste of WELLfed' video to see us in action!


WELLfed Learners practice how to:
  • Plan, shop for, prepare and cook low-cost healthy meals

  • Best use seasonal, fresh fruit and vegetables wherever possible

  • Budget and find ingredients to get "more for your dollar"

  • Apply safe food handling and storage techniques

After FIVE years of running...
  • 780 unique Learners now have skills, confidence & equipment

  • 6,800+ free meals have been made onsite and taken home to share

  • 42,400+ people fed with meals made by the community for their families

  • 5,700 items of free equipment have been gifted

  • 346,528 learner places across all classes run

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