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WELLfed's COVID Response

How were 150 families in a variety of situations supported over the 2020 lockdown?

When the team of 5 million were all told to ‘Stay Home - Save Lives’, our thoughts went straight to WELLfed Learners and whānau . WELLfed provides not just food, but the confidence, skills and equipment to set people up for success and to be able to cook for themselves and their own families. We felt confident that being part of the WELLfed family would help alleviate some of the stresses of the pandemic response.

The mahi of WELLfed that helps our learners face everyday challenges became even more important during the lockdown scenario. We are so grateful for the speed at which our WELLfed community adapted, and the ways we continued to support each other.

Having made it through the initial crisis period, we understand the coming months will be a time of growing hardship for many. With your continuing support, we have an opportunity to turn this into a powerful time for whānau to connect over food, while learning and growing inter-generational life-skills. WELLfed has a significant part to play in how our nation cares for those most in need, as we rebuild our communities back into a ‘new normal’.   

- Kim & Becs, May 2020

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"The fruit and veggies delivered to us
through lock down were great. 
My kids ate all the fruit. 

I don't normally shop for fruit and veggies -
I find it frustrating as they are too expensive"

- WELLfed Learner

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