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Dr Kathy Stone on
"The WELLfed Effect"

I first became aware of WELLfed over one year ago.  At the time I was Chair of Pacific Health Service Porirua (PHSP), based in Cannons Creek, Porirua, and have worked as a General Practitioner in the service for over ten years.  PHSPs motto is Healthy Living, Prevention and General Practice.

Since starting over a decade ago, PHSP realises that medicine offers little to our community without healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle, education and health care. Hence our wish to embrace community services and activities which compliment General Practice and improve the wellbeing of our community.

WELLfed is a truly amazing organisation which aims to teach and empower local people to learn about food and nutrition, and feed their families superb home-cooked food on a limited budget.

PHSP hosted several classes with WELLfed, attended by about a dozen people. The WELLfed crew prepared very thoughtful practical menus, provided the ingredients and arranged key support people to assist and supervise the novice cooks.   Some of the support crew, had themselves graduated from previous cooking classes.

The enlightenment, enjoyment, camaraderie and confidence gained over just a few weeks, was truly inspirational.

WELLfed is empowering a key group of people to take control of their lives and look after their families in the best possible ways.

I wholeheartedly support their cause, their role modelling and imparting their knowledge and skills as home cooks and parents.  I wish them the very best for their future aspirations, the need is limitless in our vulnerable region of Porirua.

WELLfed, keep up the great work and thank you for all you provide in a voluntary way for this amazing community.

With my very best wishes

Dr Kathy Stone, General Practitioner
25 September 2018

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