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WELLfed apron and benchtop set up
WELLfed - nourishing communities
through food and connections 

since 2016

WELLfed is an award-winning adult education programme - based around kai, cooking skills and more.

Latest News
SM Post_NW Promotion.png
Collect New World stickers
for WELLfed

The latest New World sticker promotion, for beautiful Masterchef cookware, is on until November and we would love your stickers!

If you have extra stickers, partially completed booklets, or have redeemed cookware you're not able to use we will happily use them in our Learner equipment packs to help Learners use their WELLfed skills and recipes at home!

Welcome to WELLfed
Arriving for class
Our Supreme Winner banner for the 2021 Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards
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