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Our Supporters

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We are grateful for the support of the many organisations, businesses and individuals who help fund the mahi of WELLfed

Community foundations

helped to fund our operating costs

Financial supporters

helped fund programme and operating costs

Tai Shan Foundation

Barbara Blake

Peter Mitchell

Mana Blues Concerts

(organised by M & C Bleasdale)

Government support

helped to fund our programme costs

Corporate Support

helped pantry and equipment packs to learners, replaced teaching kitchen equipment, gifted recipe books to programme graduates, a staff uniform, and hats and drink bottles for tamariki regularly learning in our Garden, in the form of discounts and donations

Donation Platforms

Key50 are an amazing group of donors who have committed to donate to WELLfed every year so that we can continue to pay some of those hard to fund operating costs.

We also give thanks to the platforms that make donating to WELLfed simple.

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