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Thank you for attending the Container Garden Workshop. Thank you for participating, it was such a delight to see you all in the garden. 

We hope you enjoyed the workshop - remember to give your feedback to help ensure that these events are accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


A quick overview of what we covered at the workshop:


Pot choices

- Food grade

- Big enough

- Has drainage

- UV stable

- Longevity


Potting mix

- Using a good potting mix makes a big difference in keeping plants happy! We got the one you used yesterday from Bunnings 


What to grow in your container

- Plants such as pumpkins, melons, etc. are not ideal in pots unless you have lots of space to let them spread!

- Plant in the season! Check how much light your plants

- Plant your thriller, filler and spiller!

- Some plants play well together! Companion planting is a great way to pack more into your garden

- When direct seeding think about how quickly the crops will mature compared to your seedlings! 


DIY Fertilizer 

- Weed tea: add your healthy weeds into water and soak for 8 weeks, dilute liquid 1 part weed tea, 10 parts water in your watering can and water your garden. Put the leftover weeds into your garden. High in nitrogen (great for strong leaf growth)

- Banana tea: soak cut-up banana skins in water for 24 hours, and apply to flowering / fruiting plants as is. High in potassium that helps with fruit and flower set

- Calcium spray: see attached document

- Other options: cooled water from boiling pasta, veggies or eggs, rinsing lentils or rice. They will all provide a diversity of nutrients! 



- Heavy infrequent watering makes for strong deep roots

- Check your pot before watering by sticking a finger in the soil to the first knuckle. If it feels cool there is no need to water


Other hot tips

- Careful about moving your container gardening between temperature extremes! For example a warm, sunny living room to a cool, windy backyard. Take your garden out slowly - a few hours a day increasing a little bit each day

- Add some compost into your bins when replanting to keep the nutrients up!

Simple Plant Deficiency Guide
Soil compisition

If you wish to give a koha or a donation to WELLfed - details on the ways you can do this can be found:

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