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Please help #makeourcommunitywellfed in 2022


This April we are asking for your help to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from the skills, knowledge and power gained from learnings at WELLfed. 

The last two years have been tough for everyone - we have more demand than ever for the WELLfed programme, but very few traditional fundraising opportunities - so we are adapting with this crowdfunding campaign!

How you can help TODAY:
  • Donate to our #makeourcommunitywellfed campaign

  • Share our campaign via social media, at work, with your friends and whānau

  • Join WELLfed Key50 - regular giving programme

  • Sign up for our newsletter here

  • Follow us on social media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - like, follow & share!

  • Contact us about microvolunteering - eg using professional skills or running fundraising events (when it's safe to do so) - please email us

  • Chat to us about further funding/sponsorship opportunities - please email us

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