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We're thrilled to be part of ❤ One Percent Collective!

WELLfed are stoked and excited that we have been invited to join One Percent Collective along with other organisations doing amazing things in their communities across Aotearoa!

Six new partner charities were announced yesterday, from over 80+ applicants.

Why is this such great news? With our limited marketing capacity and budget it’s incredibly valuable for us to be a part of a Collective of charities. One Percent Collective tells our stories, shows our impact, shouts about us on social media and advertises (at no cost to us) to increase awareness of WELLfed, what we do and why it matters.

When someone gives to WELLfed with One Percent Collective, every cent donated lands in our bank account – they don’t take a cut because they are a charity too & their own costs are covered by generous donors! We get 100% of donated funds with no strings attached and One Percent Collective handles all the admin.

If you currently donate to WELLfed - you don't need to change a thing! We love and appreciate all our current and past donors. If you mention donating to WELLfed to future donors - your friends, colleagues or whānau - One Percent Collective might be a great option for them!

Follow the link to find out more and join hundreds of Kiwis regularly giving little amounts to causes they care about. One Percent Collective makes it super-easy to donate to WELLfed (& other trusted charities) with one simple signup. Give as much as you like, as often as you like.

Check it out here:

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