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FLICK-tastic support for WELLfed over the years

The folks at Flick Electric Co. are quite simply damn good humans!

Way back in September 2017 the Flick team visited a WELLfed class at the Holy Family School hall to talk with Learners about power saving tips, which followed on perfectly from the tips and tricks for creating low cost, healthy meals being taught in class.

When we moved into our HQ in the old Cannons Creek bowling club rooms in 2019, one of our key concerns was how we would pay for electricity to power all the awesome stuff we wanted to do in the spaces. We figured there was no harm in asking for some help and Flick Electric well and truly fronted up with the generous offer to cover our costs for the office space, then the whole building when we grew to take over the whole building!

We have had a great time acknowledging their awesome support on our social media, with many “puntastic” posts, including:

We absolutely love how Flick are committed to fighting for fairer energy prices in New Zealand and how plain awesome they are. As they recently won the People’s Choice Award - Power at the 2021 NZ Compare Power & Broadband Awards, it seems there are heaps of people out there who agree with us!

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