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Growing community even further, thanks to The Tindall & Nikau Foundations

It was this time last year most of us were 'staying home to save lives'. During that time there was a lot of mahi going on at WELLfed - from remote support, kai & equipment deliveries, online classes, mask distribution and more. As the recovery progressed, we focussed on a number of projects to support WELLfed Learners, thanks to the support from the Tindall Foundation via the Nikau Foundation. These projects have provided skills, equipment and confidence, as well as building resilience for any future lockdown situations.

Here are some of the ways we used this donation -

One of the projects in late 2020 was container potato planting where Learners planted into flexi-tubs of soil & then took the seed potatoes home to nurture and watch them grow. These potatoes were harvested in the new year and WELLfed Learner families were then able to use their cooking skills to create delicious spud dishes to share!

Early in 2021 we ran hand soap making tutorials where everyone learned how to make a bottle of hand soap for 10c. Everyone went home with enough resources to keep making hand soap for months, setting them up with ongoing cost savings and a fun activity to do with tamariki which reinforces the power of handwashing. Here is a link to our hand soap recipe if you’d like to make it at home yourself.

We were also able to purchase some brand new equipment to supplement the donations we receive from our awesome supporters. This equipment is vital for Learners to be able to use the skills they learn at WELLfed at home to feed their families WELL!

Thank you to both Nikau Foundation and The Tindall Foundation for enabling this important mahi in our Porirua community.

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